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Youkauf Crowdfunding Cash Back PRogram

Projects marked with the Youkauf 10% Cash Back program logo are eligible for a 10% refund. Just complete the survey after backing and clicking the Request cash back button on the profile.

How do I get the refund for my pledge?

Just complete the survey after backing and clicking the Request cash back button on the campaigns profile. Once the campaign has successfully concluded and the funding goal has been met, the refunds will be processed.

Is there another way to get the cash back than PayPal?

No, our program currently only allows for refunds through PayPal. Other payment methods are not supported.

Does this refund take away extra money from the creators?

No, the project creators are not charged additionally for the refund program.

I did not receive my refund, but I submitted my pledge via the survey.

Send an E-Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide us with your pledged amount, your perk, a image/screenshot that confirms your pledge and your Kickstarter/Indiegogo username. We'll work with the campaign creators to verify your claim. If successfully verified, you'll receive your refund.

Do I receive a refund after changing or cancelling my pledge?

If you change your pledge after requesting refund we'll adjust the value refunded according to your current pledge at the point of the campaigns conclusion. If you cancel your pledge you'll also loose the refund. Which should be obvious, since you need to pay something before you can get a refund.

Which projects get refund?

Only project that are listed on our website and show the Cash Back Logo seen on the upper right are eligible for the Cash Back Program.

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