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Youkauf Marketplace
The Youkauf Marketplace

The marketplace is the core of our operations. All our activities are funneled through here. This makes life easier for us, but also provides a lot of advantages for either customers, clients and merchants.

Advantages for the customer

For the consumer the most important things for a marketplace are:

  1. Affordable pricing
  2. Ease of use
  3. Time to delivery
  4. Service quality

We are doing the best to meet these criteria with our marketplace. Therefore we have our own dedicated developer team that is continuously improving it. You'll see a lot new features down the road.

Advantages for Clients

Since we are processing most information for Clients through our Marketplace it is easy to set them up as merchants, so they can sell their goods and services directly to our existing customer base. In addition the same factors as for the customers apply here as well.

Advantages for merchants

We are combining our skills in marketing with our marketplace to offer special sales opportunities for merchants, these include:

  • Flash sales
  • Sale of digital goods
  • Cross selling
  • Cross promotions

Interested in becoming a merchant?

Then sign up on, afterwards you can use this link to apply for merchant access.

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